Australian Jewellery Company wins 8th International Award

Autore wins their 4th Award for Best in Pearls, Couture Las Vegas

Autore is thrilled to announce they are once again the recipient of the Best in Pearls Award at Couture Las Vegas.

Autore’s Dragon Necklet claimed first prize this year adding to the company’s success with Autore previously winning this award in 2015, 2010 and 2008, a true testament to the unique and innovative design of Autore Jewellery.

The Dragon Necklet is from Autore’s Metropolitan Collection which explores Architecture as an art form, and combines the past and present through iconic structures around the world.

Rosario Autore, CEO and Founder, speaks of the company’s success “I am incredibly honoured that the company has once again been recognised internationally for exceptional jewellery design and craftsmanship.”

The Wall of the 9 Dragons in the Forbidden City, Beijing, was a strong point of inspiration for this one-of-a-kind piece which features beautiful South Sea ‘Keshi’ Pearls and Diamonds throughout the piece, a Diamond encrusted head, a Moonstone and Black Diamond to detail the eye, and hand cut Mother of Pearl.

Jane Autore, Design Director, states, “Autore aims to contemporise the pearl and present designs that are unique, re-shaping public perceptions of how the South Sea Pearl can be worn; I am looking forward to unveiling some great innovative designs in our new collection this September”.

The AUTORE Group is a dynamic, vertically integrated pearl company providing quality-assured luxury jewellery and South Sea pearls right from the source. AUTORE owns and operates 2 companies comprising of 7 South Sea pearl farms, harvesting in excess of 300,000 pearls per annum. Situated on some of the world’s most beautiful coastline and pristine waters, the AUTORE pearl farms dot the crystal-clear waters off Western Australia and Indonesia, producing some of the world’s finest South Sea pearls.

Since commencing jewellery production, the AUTORE brand has become renowned for pushing the boundaries of South Sea pearl design, fine craftsmanship, ground-breaking technical features and driving the advancement of pearl jewellery worldwide; a testament to the passion of the dedicated team.

AUTORE jewellery has been worn by celebrities around the world including Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johannsson and Halle Berry, and has received some of the industry’s highest honours including Vogue Best New Jewellery Collection Baselworld (Spain); Couture Design Award for Best Pearl Design (US); Designer of the Year (UK), and Veranda Art of Design Award (US), and numerous Corporate Awards globally.