South Sea Pearl Farming

Located in some of the most pristine waters in Australia, Clipper Pearls, is renowned for producing some of the finest and largest South Sea pearls in the world. A part of the Autore Group of Companies, Clipper Pearls is the Australian Farming operation which operates across 2 farming sites in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The AUTORE Group’s South Sea pearls are one of nature’s greatest gifts. Born in the intense blue waters of the South Seas, their entrancing luminosity reflects the light of the sun, the glow of the moon and the beauty of the waters that nurture them into being.

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Autore Five S’s ™

Of all the pearls across the globe, there is one that is rare and revered, The South Sea Pearl. AUTORE’s critically acclaimed culture South Sea pearl classification guide, the AUTORE Five S’s™, was launched in 2007 and is an important educational tool to build confidence in understanding the different qualities of South Sea Pearls.

Located in the world’s most pristine waters

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