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Welcome to Clipper Pearls

To apply for these full time positions you must be a citizen or resident of Australia or NZ.



We are a pearling company located in Western Australia and the Norther Territory with the reputation for producing some of the world's finest pearls!

Dive into our site and find out about our company, pearling and starting your career in this exciting and adventurous industry!

Our support team are located in Broome - Western Australia and the main farm is located in Elizabeth Bay - Norther Territory. Clipper Pearls are highly regarded as producers of some of the finest pearls with immaculate lustre and coloured hues. Our company has a long history and years of experience in the pearling industry - read their story!

Looking for a GREAT EXPERIENCE, hard work and a fun social life? Then why not consider working in the pearling industry. Click here to find out more!




Earthquakes hit Lombok again on the Sunday 19th August 2018. The local people have lost their homes and there have been countless injuries.

Autore is assisting the people of Lombok by supplying food, water and shelter directly to those in need and we want to thank all those who have made donations to assist with this work via the Go Fund Me Page. Every little bit helps.

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