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Clipper Pearls Products - Pearls, Mother of Pearls and Pearl Meat

Clipper Pearls is a high-end pearl producer within the Australian Pearling Industry with a reputation for consistently providing among the highest quality and finest pearls in the world. Clipper Pearls products include selling our finished pearls via Pearlautore International, and we are suppliers of Mother of Pearl shells and the rare delicacy Pearl Meat from the shed door in Broome.

If you are enquiring about wholesale prices for our products, please email. You may also wish to visit us at 41 Herbert St here in Broome WA.



Clipper Pearls is a high-end pearl producer, with pearls that are highly regarded due to their consistent gem quality. We are very proud of our product and have a great range that you can view for yourself - click here.

If you would like further information on our pearls or our finished products please email us.

Mother of Pearl (MOP)

Mother of Pearl is the iridescent layer of material which forms the shell lining of many molluscs, especially pearl oysters and abalone. This shell lining is also what gives the pearls their coating. Mother of Pearl shell is used in a variety of products including jewellery, furniture, and musical instruments. Mother of Pearl comes in several natural colours.

Clipper Pearls have bulk, silver and gold lipped raw Mother of Pearl shells (Pinctada maxima) for sale. The shells range from Small, Medium, Large and Low Grade, which vary in height and thickness.

Please click here for our Mother of Pearl price list.

If you would like more information about our Mother of Pearl, please email us.



We have original used panels and shell in its unprocessed form for sale. These are rope panels that were used on the farm before they were replaced by the new plastic version.

The panels have pockets and come in small to large sizes. Please click here for the price list.

If you would like any further information about our panels, please email us.


Pearl Meat

Would you like a pearl meat recipe?


Pearl meat is the firm flesh that is the muscle of the oyster (Pinctada maxima) and is a very much sought after delicacy in Asia. The white meat is characterised by its tender texture and unique flavour, similar to abalone or scallop and is thought to have aphrodisiac properties. Pearl oyster meat is a gourmet delight and only small quantities are harvested annually. It is now beginning to become popular with Australian Chef's and it will not be long before pearl meat is popping up on restaurant menus!

Please contact us for a current price list.

If you would like any further information about our pearl meat, please email us.



Earthquakes hit Lombok again on the Sunday 19th August 2018. The local people have lost their homes and there have been countless injuries.

Autore is assisting the people of Lombok by supplying food, water and shelter directly to those in need and we want to thank all those who have made donations to assist with this work via the Go Fund Me Page. Every little bit helps.

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