AUTORE to unveil new hatchery at Willie Creek site

Autore is thrilled to announce their collaboration with Willie Creek Pearls in constructing a commercial hatchery located at Willie Creek on the pristine coastline of Broome, Western Australia.

For the past 6 years, Autore’s hatchery in Western Australia has been located at Beagle Bay, where the pearling company implemented their modern aquaculture techniques and specialised practices which were developed through extensive scientific research and development. Autore’s geographical decision to re-locate the Beagle Bay hatchery was the systematic choice enabling easier accessibility due to the Willie Creek site’s close proximity to Broome.

“Willie Creek was an appropriate choice for the re-location of the hatchery due to Autore’s great, long standing relationship with the company and the centrality of the site. We have 4 marine biologist’s at the site working to improve pearl quality, and we are looking forward to seeing the great results that are expected out of this project” Rosario Autore, CEO of The Autore Group.

The construction has been led by Willie Creek, whilst Autore has led the design, technology and management of the hatchery as a result of the 20 year expertise in advanced hatchery operation. Autore has been at the forefront of scientific research to spawn and rear juvenile Pinctada Maxima Oysters, native to Australia and Indonesia, and currently owns and operates 4 hatchery operations servicing the 7 Autore pearl farms in both countries respectively.

The 5 year agreement with Willie Creek will see benefits for both companies with Autore using the state of the art facility to implement the 10 year scientific research of the Pinctada Maxima Oyster, whilst enhancing Willie Creek’s educational tours on the magic of pearl farming.

“In addition to the benefits that the hatchery will deliver to our commercial pearling operation, through the supply of quality virgin shell for seeding with known origin and age, it’s also going to be an extremely interesting and important addition to our Pearl Farm tour” Paul Birch, Willie Creek’s Pearling Master and General Manager of Operations.

This joint project between Autore and Willie Creek, which has now reached completion, will provide commercial stability for the pearling industry, producing high quality Pinctada Maxima Oysters on a commercial level.

The AUTORE Group is a vertically integrated operation and one of the world’s largest pearling companies, from producing South Sea pearls, to wholesaling, to the intricate design process, AUTORE is proud to distribute one of nature’s greatest gifts all across the globe. AUTORE owns and operates 7 pearl farm sites in Australia and Indonesia, and maintains a strong focus on quality, excellence and sustainability, with the emphasis applicable to all aspects of the company. AUTORE jewellery has been worn by celebrities around the world and received some of the industry’s highest honours including Vogue Best New Jewellery Collection Baselworld (Spain); Couture Design Award for Best Pearl Design (US); Designer of the Year (UK), and Veranda Art of Design Award (US).

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About Willie Creek Pearls

The Willie Creek story is truly a Western Australian story that began over 27 years ago in Tincurrin, East of Narrogin where Valda and Don Banfield farmed sheep, grew wheat and raised a family.

It’s been a long and sometimes tortuous journey that today is still centred around farming – but farming of a different kind – at sea leases at Willie Creek and additionally 10 nautical miles north of Willie Creek, where the tides, water temperatures and nutrients contribute to the growth of the world’s most revered pearls –Australian South Sea Cultured Pearls.

Willie Creek offers visitors to Broome a range of tourism, retail and hospitality experiences. After a tour with Willie Creek, they have a new insight into Broome, the history of pearls and pearling and how pearls are grown, harvested, graded and sold. A meal at The Zookeepers Store, Galley or Harvest gives further insight into Broome as well as enhancing the Kimberley experience.

Willie Creek Pearls tours build on the ‘shell to showroom’ concept and through the combination of the experiences they offer, provide a complete pearl experience.

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